A LIE AIN'T SHIT TO                TELL




Omg!!! Niki you have brought the fire again fa sure!!! First let me say writing this book in 3days was amazing by its self. .. Your writing skills are amazing!!! Now to this book I was almost team Dre...not!!!! Lol but Im so happy that Sam finally got her stuff together and realized she was being played.. but she may be getting into some more trouble..... It hurt my heart that her and Brina just can't get along... Overall this is another series I will be sure to follow and surely can't wait for part 2!!! Another 5 star banger for sure!.

MyRe Childs, Avid Reader



Dam you are good! This story was like an action packed movie! Part 2 I know is going to be very twisted not the happy ending most books have. Sam is playing with fire! I hope Dee and Brina get theirs too!

Ava Moten



Niki Jilvontae


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